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RabBoar's primary commitment is to be your resource for custom software development, management consulting, and data processing/automation consulting.  We maintain high standards for our firm, which include quality service, timeliness, and efficiency in all aspects of our operations.


The below are some of the systems we have created and implemented: 


Public Facing / Private Data Internet Web Sites – Line of Business Applications

Static Content Internet / Intranet Sites

Shop Floor Test Data Collection and Summary

Human Relations/OSHA Reporting

Integrated  Shop Floor Management, Production Control with Management Overview

Integral Quality Assurance/Control with Management Overview

Shop floor Integrated High Dollar Repair Tracking

Large Scale Capacity Planning

Lean MFG Interfaces

Warehousing - Static and Dynamic

Wholesale / Distribution

Refurbishing Control

Continuing Education Registration and Management

School District Professional Development Tracking

Professional Training School

Line of Business Office

Point of Sale with Management Reporting

Drayage / Hauling

Brokerage with EDI Feeds and Management Reporting

Retail Sales Analysis tools

User/Technical Documentation

On-Line Context Sensitive Help Systems


With the many specific business solutions we have built, we have found that most business benefits accrue when we integrate existing business systems through spot applications of custom programs.


We can bridge the gaps between mainframe systems or create custom links to such off the shelf applications as QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting or Microsoft’s Small Business Accounting.


Most Software manufacturers have realized the importance of ‘custom fitting’ their ‘shrink-wrap’ product to the actual business needs of end users and are providing tools for ISV’s like RabBoar to integrate their programs into an ‘organic’ business solution.


Leveraging current generation software such as Microsoft’s Small Business Server, Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005, Share-Point Services, Microsoft Office, as well as others, we create business systems at a fraction of their full development costs.


More Information

Call RabBoar Enterprises for more information at (501) 621-8003 or email Sales@rabboar.com.