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Warehouse Mgt 2.0

 Executive Summary

o   The system has been designed for maximum flexibility of operation while keeping TCO (total cost of ownership) to a minimum

o   The system has been designed for low error rates by placing automation at point of action, without the need for costly WiFi and wireless terminals

o   The additional hardware required to operate individual work stations is low cost

o   The system will run on off the shelf Microsoft business grade work stations

o   Work stations can be under Win7 or Win8.1

o   The system allows operation of multiple warehouse locations, while consolidating oversight and admin functions of all sites

o   The system allows collaboration with clients’ operations and administration through real time web interfaces

o   There are 3 major functional areas:

§  a fulfillment system - fulfill, ship and bill individual customer orders for merchandise stored in the warehouse

§  A distribution center – an intermediary between multiple suppliers and multiple production plants storing supplies within the warehouses and shipping to plants on demand, while maintaining low inventory levels in the warehouses through a sophisticated demand forecasting.

§  Off-site storage location for individual plants providing required inventory out of warehouse stock to the plant on demand

o   The system has flexible batch billing, weekly and monthly, tracking incoming, outgoing, transients and long term storage, as well as delivery, picking, expediting, warehouse & overtime fees, and fuel surcharges

o   The system tracks vendor batch numbers, and has the ability to issue a recall of given batch from all destinations

o   The system has flexible reporting, both fixed reports and ad-hoc

o   The system sends email notifications to admin and clients for each shipment and each receiving

o   The system has the option to email BOL and Invoice from shipping

o   The system produces printed BOL and Invoice for each shipment

o   IOH (inventory on hand) is maintained in real time and is viewable from customer collaboration web sites, and from the admin work stations


 Technical Information

 ·       The system is built using Microsoft technologies

o   Receiving Work Station

§  Win7 pro or Win 8.1 pro

§  Receiving program

§  Thermal Transfer label printer – medium duty – able to handle 6x4 stock

§  Supplies – Custom Thermal Transfer labels

o   Shipping Work Station

§  Win7 pro or Win 8.1 pro

§  Shipping program

§  CDD bar code scanner

§  Printer (attached or network)

o   Admin Work Station

§  Win7 pro or Win 8.1 pro

§  Utilities program

§  MS Office

o   Collaboration Web Sites

§  Browser

o   Back End – on site

§  MS Server 2008R2 or later

§  MS SQL Server 2008R2 or later

§  IIS

More Information

Call RabBoar Enterprises for more information at (479) 621-8003 or email sales@rabboar.com.

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