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Time And Attendance

The Time and Attendance modules will track employee attendance and jobs performed by the employee during the work day.

Using the Time and Attendance Supervisor's module, the supervisor will create the template for his/her employees’ time cards including the group number, labor type, labor code, learning factor (if any) and shift the employee will be working.  This information can be changed when the employee’s job changes.

Employees will swipe their badges to log in/out or to change their time card.  They can also log out for an appointment or to leave early, and select the reason for leaving.

At the end of each shift, the supervisor will review his/her employees’ time cards using the Supervisor's module.  All time cards will be reviewed and approved before being "released" to accounting for creation of payroll checks.

The supervisor can also enter any special notes regarding the employee’s time card.

Using the Time and Attendance Accounting module, payroll will review time card totals, and print reports which will show any exceptions.  

The Time and Attendance modules can be linked to the Human Resources module, which for easy maintenance of employee information include training, vacation accrued, etc.

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