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Shop Floor Control

Following is an overview of the integrated Shop Floor Control system created for a manufacturing plant.  

Salient Features

  1. Automated feed from Main Frame Database
  2. Lead Time based Non-Replenishable parts
  3. Replenishable parts
  4. Cascade update of Parts schedules from Order pulls and pushes
  5. Consolidated (Build & Purchased) Parts Live Schedules
  6. Finished Product Information Center

        Live Order Schedule

        MFG Notes

        Quality Notes

        Production Expediting notes

        Consolidated Quality and Testing history

  1. Parts Production Center

        Load balancing


        Matching parts and sub-parts

  1. Large Machine(s) Repair Tracking
  2. Electronic Shipping Manifest on all Manufactured Parts / history
  3. Work In Process Tracking and barcoding
  4. Output Tracking / History
  5. Material Identification Tag (MIT) for parts and finished product output
  6. Bar Coding on all MIT
  7. Specialized Modules for:

        Production Control

        MGT Overview & Reporting build and supplier

        Production Of Part based on type of part a need:

a.      schedule & machine capacity analysis

b.      optimized machine based schedule

c.      consolidated schedule by specified parts

        Purchased Parts expediting