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Web Based Media Distribution System

To be released by Second Quarter of 2006

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 – RabBoar Enterprises is creating a new, web based distributed media library, aiming at Schools, Colleges and Educational Co-Operatives.

The system is built using the following Microsoft™  technologies:

·        IIS (5, 5.1, 6)

·        SQL2000 / 2005

·        ASP.NET 2.0

·        Visual Studio 2005

·        MS Office 2003

The system uses the following specialized hardware:

·        Bar Code Printers

·        Bar Code Scanners

The system provides:

1.      on-line media catalogue

2.      on-line media request

3.      back office operations in the main media library

4.      branch library on-line operations

5.      media inventory management

6.      media distribution system

7.      media collection system

System Operations Overview: