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RabBoar Enterprises has created many applications to assist plant managers and production control personnel to:

bulletReduce Scrap
bulletImplement and Maintain Quality Control
bulletManage Warehousing inflow and outflow
bulletRegulate Shipping
bulletBarcode and Track Production
bulletTrack Employee Jobs and Times

And we know that a computer system is never truly "finished" -- it continues to grow with the client.  After using our systems for awhile, our clients begin to understand the power of the tool they have, and see more clearly what "their" computer can do for them.  

RabBoar endeavors to quickly enhance and modify these systems as the needs of our clients change and grow.

Using the latest CASE tools from Microsoft, some of the applications we have created are:

A Large Scale, Multi-Plant, Capacity Planning & Production Control System, driving MRP line of business shop floor. Used for increasing turns and lowering inventory levels.

Shop Floor Control Modules including production scheduling, shipping, (all using the latest bar-coding technology), order history, routine maintenance planning, and tracking the repair and life of major machine components.  Our repair tracking system was the only system of its kind at a company-wide conference, and was considered leading edge for the industry.

Quality Assurance, which is an integrated system of numerous database applications performing different quality functions, feeding relevant information into a central database of follow-up.

Time and Attendance, including employees' "clocking in" by scanning their badge ID and supervisor modules to review and release employee "time card" information directly to accounting.  The accounting module creates reports and flags any unusual occurrences of employee attendance.

Human Resource Management, helps HR to maintain employee information including personal information (address, phone, contact information), job history, and data required by the government (such as number of veterans) which is exported to MS Excel™ for reporting purposes.

Warehouse Inventory Management System, which includes all phases of inventory and warehousing management such as receiving, issues, packing slips and invoices, and reports such as on-hand inventory (aging) reports, which can be reviewed weekly by the sales team.

Order Entry and Dray Printing, including both individual order and blanket order entry, printing of dray and shipping labels, and reporting.

Web-Based Inventory List so clients can view their stock and request shipment to locations around the country and around the world