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IT Services

RabBoar's principals have years of experience in the Information Technology field.  Both David and Pamela have been part of large IT departments in the public and private sectors, so they know how important it is to work as a team.  

We can become a temporary or part-time member of your IT staff, assisting with conversion, upgrades, installations and more.  Our experienced IT professionals have a wide-range of experience -- from punch cards and COBOL to Web pages and Linux.  We know how important it is for your systems to be dependable, operating in a safe and secure environment.  We are available "off hours" to assist with those tedious upgrades and conversion, and we can be on-site within minutes if you need immediate help.

If you are a small company without an Information Technology department, RabBoar can offer you IT services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT staff.  Since we sell neither hardware nor software, we can help you select, install and upgrade the hardware and software solutions that will work best for you.

We can establish and maintain safe and secure data management systems, providing regular backup/restore services, virus scans, password protection for files or directories, and more.

We can even train your staff on using most of the Microsoft products, and because we have worked with so many diverse systems, we can quickly learn any new product and become your "help desk" for user support.

More Information

Call RabBoar Enterprises for more information at (479) 621-8003 or email Sales@rabboar.com.