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Human Resources

Tracking employee information is probably one of the most important aspect of running a business.  The TechMasters™ at RabBoar Enterprises have created modules to help you more easily manage your employee information.

The Human Relations Employee database has been created to assist HR and Accounting in the management of and reporting on employee information.

The database will track basic information, such as address, emergency contact information, etc.  It will also maintain current and historical  job information including transfers, job re-classifications, evaluation information, etc.

Your HR department can enter and track training and certification for each employee.

The reporting feature will export data to MS Excel™ based on your criteria.  Using MS Excel™ you can then sort and/or view the data in ways that are relevant to you, including graphing and/or charting the information.  You can also email the MS Excel™ information to other individuals a needed. 

The Time and Attendance modules will track employee attendance and jobs performed by the employee during the work day.

More Information

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