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About RabBoar

RabBoar Enterprises, a privately owned computer consulting firm, was established in August, 1992, and is located in NW Arkansas, one of the fastest growing areas of the country.  We never use off-shore programmers, and your support is directly from RabBoar.

We are a small company, and we believe this is a good thing for you:


We are responsive to your needs


No waiting on hold for service or support


You can deal directly with the principals


Our rates are very reasonable


We don't have a fancy office on Main Street, and  we don't wear expensive suits or drive imported sports cars.  Instead, we spend our time researching the latest software solutions to give our customers the options available and help them choose what will work best for them.

And if we can't find a "packaged" solution,  we have some of the best programmers in the area to help you create a solution designed to meet your needs.

We've been doing this successfully for over 12 years.

RabBoar's company principals are David Lenkovitzki and Pamela Porch.

David's credentials include over twenty-five years in the Information Technology (IT) environment with experience as IT Manager, Operations Manager and Senior Systems Designer.  

Some of David's special areas of expertise are in database design and management, RAD technologies, local area network and wide area network connectivity in mixed environments, web design, and client server applications.  

His strengths include custom application design, strong analytical skills, user/system interface, and rapid prototyping tools and techniques.  David is an effective team leader and team player.


Pamela's background includes planning, designing, evaluating, installing and testing software application packages, program bug fixes, and software maintenance upgrades.  

With over 14 years of IT experience and a degree in Computer Science with concentrations in Business Management and Psychology, she excels in writing,  modifying, documenting, maintaining, and testing software application programs using the latest development tools, and creating user manuals and interactive on-line help for computer applications.  

Her strength is her ability to interact with end-users, hardware/software vendors, and technical personnel in a professional and tactful manner for the resolution of software and/or technical problems.